Theatre in School

Theatre in School
Learn. Create. Perform.

Stimulation of students` creativity through engaging
in theatre and performing arts

The purpose of this project is to develop training for students on theatre and complicated interaction environment – by experiencing and understanding acting, character development, plot and voice, improvisation and performance.

It aims to improve students’ ability to communicate, their confidence, self-esteem and social skills by the means of drama and performing arts, improvisation, role-play and various performing activities.

Funding Programme: erasmus+

National ERASMUS+ Agency: HR center

Projects Goals

The main goals of the project are to:

  • promote active citizenship and social inclusion among young people through theatre and performing arts
  • identify talents
  • stimulate their advance in creative domains
  • foster the collectivist spirit in order to prepare the transformation from the digitalized distancing during the COVID-19 times to the normality of human relations.

Specific goals

The more specific goals of the project are to:

  • create training content on how to improve students communication and personal expression skills
  • provide an access of students to performing arts and to broaden their opportunities for personal development
  • give the students real chance to develop their talents and expression abilities

Project Activities

For Student

Training course for students on theatre and complicated interaction environment

For Teachers

Manual for teachers on raising the theatre mastering in classroom

For Schools

Toolbox for schools on theatre proficiency

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