Project Activities

In development

Training course for students

Training course for students on theatre and complicated interaction environment is under development. The course will be available for attendances in 2022.

Course content:

  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Theatre history
  • Acting and performance
  • Directing
  • Stage design
  • Costume construction
  • Theatre lighting
  • Drama Voice and Diction
  • Comedic performance
  • Interactions in theatre applicable in school
  • Challenges of sharing drama space
Theatre Course for Students
Theatre Course for Students
Theatre Manual for Teachers
Theatre Manual for Teachers

In development

Theatre Manual for Teachers

The Manual will be helping the teachers on raising the theatre mastering in classroom. It will be available for download in 2022.


  • Drama as art form and as pedagogy
  • Drama concepts
  • Dramatic art and the field of drama practicing in class
  • Drama education as trigger of expression skills
  • Genres in drama in class
  • Developments and fractures in class drama practicing
  • Why do drama – the goal tree
  • The drama teaching and acting professions
  • Teachers’ learning trajectories
  • The subject areas in performing arts
  • Drama and the formal curriculum
In development

For Schools

A Toolbox for learning theatre techniques in schools is under development and will be available for download in 2022.


  • Building-the-Crew Activities – for learning interaction and cooperation
  • Category Gaming
  • Playing with Patterns
  • Rehearsal or Improvisation – for developing creative skills
  • One to Group and Group to One – for building trust and reliability
  • Running a Talk Show Studio in class – for developing self-confidence and presentation skills
  • Vocal Exercises and Power of Verbal Communication – for developing emotional control trough verbal expressions and the voice
  • Exploring „The Freeze Frame“ – for learning Non-verbal Communication
  • Depiction and Acting of Characters – for learning to stay focus during long lasting processes
  • Script Writing Proficiency

Toolbox for schools
Toolbox for Schools